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Since making the decision in 1989 to pursue his passion for photography, John D’Errey hasn’t looked back. After 25 years of offering his unique visual perspectives through his Byron Bay gallery, Byron Images, he’s now widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost ocean and landscape photographers.

Byron Bay is John D’Errey’s muse and he’s focussed on reflecting the energy and beauty that holds visitors and locals alike so spellbound. Whether it’s midnight or dawnsunset or surfing, John has made his mark by capturing the special feelings and memories that Byron generates.

Photography is all about timing. But being in the right place at the right time is only part of the story; knowing how long to shoot is the rest. John has spent years perfecting long exposure, elevating time-lapse photography to an art form.

He’s equally as comfortable with speed as evident in his breathtaking shots of dolphins in action in the surf off Byron Bay.

The giants of the sea have also rewarded his photographic patience. Humpback whales are another theme of John D’Errey’s work. These photographs include the memorable moment of a whale’s arch echoing the shape of Byron Bay’s guardian mountain, Wollumbin (Mount Warning).

From the spectacular coastal regions of Australia’s East Coast to the spiritual heart of Australia’s outback, you’ll find more than one favourite John D’Errey image.

John D'Errey John D'Errey John D'Errey

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